Learn in Person
Tele Ned has taught for over 30 years and now teaches at Ski & Snowboard Schools of Aspen/Snowmass.  Ned will also visit you at your home mountain.
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Learn by video
A step by step guide to awesome turns with Tele Ned’s revolutionary technique.
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Learn by the book coming back soon…

Tele Ned blends a mix of historically accurate and modern infused movements to make telemark skiing easier and more fun than you’ll ever imagine.

LUNGING POSITION  A typical feature of the Swiss Ski School, and extremely helpful in overcoming sudden shocks caused by changing snow conditions, rough terrain, or sharp transitions between the slope and the level. Thrust one ski forward, allowing it to lead by about a half a ski length. Front knee deeply bent, heel flat on ski. Rear heel lifted. This is also the most important exercise for the telemark.  -WORLD SKI BOOK 1949

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