Tele Ned Is…

Tele Ned with his twins.

Un bridled enthusiasm at its best. While racing in the mid 1980’s he transcended into the┬átop ranks of Telemark Racing. He has stumbled onto a unique way to approach the turn. Many experts doubted his version of the turn only to find out that his idea was rooted in skiing history. He found the essence of his move in the World Ski Book From 1949.

Thrust forward the outside ski, turning into telemark position. While turning, shift your weight to the leading ski, body rotating into the turn. Press front knee strongly forward. In the last phase, advance the inside ski.

He teaches balance and simple moves that produce nearly effortless telemark skiing.

Tele Ned has thirty years of telemark experience. Tele Ned has raced and helped organize telemark events all over the Northern Hemisphere. He has been a teaching Telemark professional with the Aspen Skiing Company for over 26 years. He is a Level III PSIA Nordic Downhill (Telemark Instructor) and also PSIA Kids Accredited Professional. Along with Garmont Boots he has helped usher in a while new generation of young telemark skiers. He has coached and taught telemark skiing to nearly 2000 sixth graders with Aspen Middle School Outdoor Education Program since 1990. He is a turn coach for the Colorado Rocky Mountain School Telemark Team. He was guest coach for the Telemark Association of Japan in 1986-87. He taught a group of Italian Kids at La Skieda in 2000. He has been featured in Back Country Magazine Issue #23 and has written articles for Couloir magazine in November and December 2000. Powder Magazine captures him in the “Where Were You in 1982” photo story and later in October 1993 when he was just launching his Aspen Kids Telemark Program.

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